By Alan Hunt | Vice President of Advocacy

As the most senior member of the World Orphans staff, I am extended special grace and a certain amount of leeway regarding my musings about my coworkers…at least that is my expectation. So assuming that anyone cares what I think, I will attempt to launch forth a diatribe of observations about my coworkers that will likely cause shock and awe amongst them as well as our readership. Will this be the proverbial “Tell All” blog? More likely it will be a “Tell a Little” blog.

Incredible as this may sound, I am convinced that I work with a bunch of folks who are certifiably nuts. I don’t mean the “do something nutty occasionally” type, but the “100% nutty all the time” variety. How else can you explain the irrational life decisions that permeate our organization? Please allow me to explain by listing some examples:

  • A college graduate with graphic/web design skills decides to work for us for a small hourly wage.
  • A small business owner shuts down his business, joins our staff as a volunteer, raises support for a small salary, gets married, has a child, then moves his family to East Asia where he does not speak the language.
  • The senior pastor of a good-sized church that he started resigns his secure position with a good salary and benefits to raise support for his salary, and now writes blogs and leads small mission teams into third world countries.
  • Three different corporate executives leave lucrative careers and salaries to work twice as hard for more hours a week for a fraction of the salary they are capable of earning.
  • Two different single ladies leave their families, communities of friends, and lucrative jobs to move across the United States, living very simply, so they can be part of our Colorado team.
  • A young husband and his wife have their first child and immediately start the process of adopting two more!
  • A corporate CFO works three jobs so he can work part time for us at a fraction of his normal wage.

And the list goes on and on….these people are NUTS! Nuts for the Lord and nuts for the children we serve. And it is my great pleasure to serve along side of each of them. Blessed are the nutty.