Name and position with World Orphans.

Mike Krick, Senior Advocate

What attracted you to your current position?

This position blends my passion for orphan care and my gift of networking and communication, as well as my love for international travel. After nearly 3 years, I still wake up and can’t wait to get going.

Where do you live and who do you live with?

The metropolis of Evart, MI (population 2,000). Love the small town. I live with my beautiful wife Amy and our 4 amazing children. 1 boy, 3 girls…way too much estrogen under one roof…but I love it!

List three unique experiences in your life.

1. I have been struck by lightning.

2. I once had two “touchers” in bocce ball.

3. I peed on myself at a Michigan football game. Go Blue!

Other than the Bible [duh] what is the best thing you read in the last year.

Really enjoyed The Hole in Our Gospel. Just read it last summer.

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