Today is a new day. Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of the tragic earthquake that rocked Port au Prince, Haiti, changing the lives of many forever, including countless children left orphaned and homeless. Yesterday included remembrance of the many lost, gatherings and ceremonies honoring the past.

World Orphans work in Haiti continues – partnering with 11 churches that care for 220 orphans – in families. Equipping the church to care for and nurture children and families in need.

Since the earthquake, we have also opened a guesthouse to provide a safe place for visiting mission teams during their time of service. As teams visit Haiti to serve alongside the church, caring for children and their communities, our Guesthouse managers, Ted and Rebecca Barlow, provide support and encouragement, guidance and prayer.

Today is a new day.

As Haitians in and around Port au Prince look to the future, World Orphans will be there, serving alongside, bringing loving care, helping hands, and Christ’s healing hope.

Ted posted this reflection of the two-year anniversary.

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