By Kathy Davis | Holistic Care Lead

Meet Milkessa from Ethiopia.

Milkessa was rescued about a year ago.  His biological father got drunk, came home and killed his mother with a knife.  He then fled the area and no one knows where he is.

Milkessa was rescued, yet his other five brothers and one sister still remain in danger.  Milkessa is now safe at one of World Orphans children's home. A young boy without protection and hope now finds himself within the embrace of a loving father with the provision of spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental care.

We visited he and his new family while in Ethiopia recently.  My heart was deeply moved by the tender ways that his house father displayed loving affection towards the children within his care during our short visit with him.

It is for the rescue and plight of precious children like Milkessa that my heart is unraveled and then enlarged to do what I do.  This is my fifth international trip with World Orphans in one year and reentry following this trip has proved the most challenging of all.  Christmas decorations are in full swing...Thanksgiving Day is upon us, and indulgence is in the air.  How do I reconcile the suffering and need of this world with the indulgences of this holiday season?


You can help children like Jeffrey by getting involved in our Home for the Holidays campaign or starting an online fundraising campaign.