By Mike Krick | Regional Director of Advocacy - Midwest Region

Last spring I took my third trip in an 18 month period to beautiful South Africa.  This trip reminded me yet again how much I love getting to do what I do.The church that fulfills James 1:27 is a beautiful church indeed.

It was a joy to watch two churches serve alongside each other.  A church here, New Life Community Church near Columbus Ohio, working hand in hand with a church there, Ebenezer Bible Church in Temba, South Africa, just north of one of the capitals, Pretoria.

For seven ministry days I had the pleasure to watch this beautiful partnership continue to form.  These two churches get it!  It wasn’t one church coming in with shining armor hoping to rescue the indigenous church and all of its “shortfalls.”  Rather, it was this church coming in, eager to learn, listen, engage,  And this love was reciprocated in so many ways.

It is hard to explain, but these churches are soul mates, and I was able to witness the honeymoon unfold!  The relationship development with the care givers, with the orphan home administrator, with the pastor and his wife, with the leaders and elders, and most importantly with the precious children that this church is serving was special indeed.

We were able to take the kids off the property for a meal...for some of them it was their first time being served in a restaurant.  We were able to do art therapy with the kids, provide basic medical care, play soccer, visit a slum area, chat about sustainability, and worship with them.  We didn’t feel like visitors...we felt at home!

Please keep Ebenezer Bible Church, and the House of Hope in your prayers.  Pastor Phillip and his wife Linda from Ebenezer Bible Church have contagious personalities and a passion to serve these kids and just as importantly, the pastor and team members from New Life Community Church in Ohio have the same passion!  Imagine what God can do through two churches with identical passions!

Pastor Phillip his wife, Linda and Craig Yoder, Pastor of New Life Community Church in Ohio.