World Orphans and nearly 50 organizations will gather for the Together for Adoption conference in Austin, Texas in early October. The conference, which features eight keynote speakers, will help educate and connect both organizations and individuals who feel burdened by the orphan crisis.

This year's theme, "The Gospel, The Church and the Global Orphan Crisis," will focus on the importance of American and indigenous churches in effective orphan care, the focus of World Orphans mission.

World Orphans and Saddleback Church will be presenting one of the breakout sessions titled "Church-Centered International Orphan Care".

"Lord willing, the 2010 conference will be our largest and most helpful conference yet, with gospel-saturated general sessions, longer breakout sessions, and more time to network with other churches, organizations, and adoptive families," according to a Together for Adoption press release. "We're intentionally structuring the conference around the gospel and community."

Though the conference title, Together for Adoption, may sound like it is geared toward adoptive parents or organizations that facilitate the adoption process, the conference's scope is much wider.

"People are usually surprised - some more, some less - to learn that our primary stress at Together For Adoption is not so much upon child-placement as it is on the plight of orphaned and abandoned children," the Together for Adoption blog read.

"So, when you read "Together for Adoption," don't just think child-placement. Don't even mainly think child-placement. Think creation-renewal and keep in mind that our upcoming national conference will address the current global orphan crisis from that critically important perspective."