As World Orphans strives to meet the needs of orphaned and abandoned children around the globe, our primary goal is to provide family-based orphan care. Whether that is in a World Orphans home or with a neighbor who took responsibility for an abandoned child, World Orphans wants to help these caretakers through the indigenous church.

"Many children orphaned around the world have been taken in by extended families, friends and neighbors. Orphans are being cared for in families! Unfortunately, many of these families are barely making it and the children are highly vulnerable as a result," said WO Vice President Scott Vair on his blog, aheartfororphans.

So World Orphans along with local churches world-wide are taking a step toward helping these families.

"The challenge before us is to support these families as they care for orphans, preventing them from being abandoned or dropped off at orphanages as resources continue to be stretched thin and families struggle to make ends meet. We call this Home Based Care," Vair said.

The initiative for Home Based Care started earlier this week in Ethiopia as East Africa representative Lameck offered training for pastors.

The training will continue through the next few days and Lameck asked for prayer as he introduces this valuable concept and tool to Africa.