By Billy Ray | Regional Director Iraq

As the days lengthen drawing near to the middle of the year, the sun pops it's head above the horizon surprisingly early. At 4:15am we sprung out of bed, hitting the road with all the family. At 7:30 the bulldozer arrived at our project site in Soran. It was "moving dirt" day. Over the next few weeks, we'll be preparing a portion of our land for the start of our first soccer field for the local community.

Check out these pics:

Let the excavation begin
Boys watching the bulldozer in  action

There was literally tons of dirt that needed to be moved and spread around. In all it took almost 5 hours for the bulldozer, and another 2 hours for a grader. The boys loved every minute of it.

Boys throwing rocks
Bulldozer loading the truck with  dirt
Children watching the Bulldozer
Starting to look better
Getting close to the action
Nearly Done 1
View from atop the Community Center
Time for the Grader
Graded land ready as a soccer field

All in all, it took about 7 hours for us to prepare the land. In the next step, we'll be building a wall around the field, plant some grass, paint some lines, and put up some soccer goals.

Thanks for following this project with us and thanks for your prayers.

As you can imagine the kids in the neighborhood are more than excited!

You can read more from Billy at his blog, Rescue Iraq.