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All of the basics . . . find them here!

E-Mail Drive Calendar



All of the basics . . . find them here!

E-Mail Drive Calendar

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Org Chart

Click the button below to see a layout of our staff names, titles, and departments. 


Staff Handbook

Everything you need to know about employment, compensation, vacation, and more!

Contact List

Need to call a staff member or send a package to their home? Get all of the essential contact details here!


Click here to log in to your Paychex account, where you can view your check stubs, 401(k), vacation time, sick time, and more!


Click below to view and download your 401(k) enrollment form. 

Expense Report

Click below to open the Expense Report Google Sheet, make a copy, and begin your monthly expense reporting. 

Tax Exemption

Would you like to receive tax exemption when making business related purchases? When signing up to make a purchase from a particular business, use the IRS Determination Letter

CO Tax Exemption

For Colorado-specific purchases, you may also use the Colorado Tax Exemption

Employment Postings

Looking to post a job description or want to find just the right volunteer? Complete this form and we'll add it to the website, and send you a PDF to share!

Staff Video Calls

Our staff calls and most video meetings are held on GoToMeeting. 

Meeting Hosts Login

scott@worldorphans.org / wocomm456

Join Staff Call

+1 (805) 309-0027
Access Code: 647-116-997


Photographs / Videos

We store all of our photos and videos on MediaFire by folder. If you have any awesome photos or need to find an awesome photo, log in here.

Login: info@worldorphans.org

Password: wocomm456


Staff Communications

Staff Communications


Staff Store

As a staff member, you may purchase our merchandise at cost. Interested in ordering items to give to your supporters as gifts and want to charge this to your staff support account? E-mail Ariel: ariel@worldorphans.org.


Project Request

Need something from the Communications Team? This is where you can request what you need from us, and we will keep you informed as we work to meet your needs.


Style Guide

The World Orphans Style Guide offers you clarity and governing wisdom regarding the representation of the World Orphans ministry in writing, speech, design, and all other forms of communication.

Website Edits

If you know of changes that need to be made on the website, things that need to be added, or suggestions you'd like to make, we'd love to track them here. 

Staff Newsletter Template

We've made it easy for you to create your new staff newsletter, or to update your newsletter each year. To open the latest template within your own MailChimp account, click below. 

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Department Specific

Department Specific


Trip Application Login (Managed Missions)

Journey Team Member Handbook

Church Partnership Team Member Handbook

Looking for specific documents concerning a trip you're leading? Visit Google Drive and type your trip number (i.e. ST-7130) into the search field, and all of your trip specific documents will appear.

Staff Travel Request

If you are requesting travel other than as the leader of a short-term trip (International travel for Projects, Events, Training, Donor Development, etc. or domestic travel for meetings, conferences, Events, etc.) please fill out this form so the Mobilization Department can best meet your travel needs.

Team Trip Request

The World Orphans Mobilization Department is excited to join with you in planning this trip. Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability, as early in advance as possible, and click submit. Once Mobilization receives this form, we will be in touch about the details of training and planning. Thank you!