Our model of care works through Church Partnership. In Haiti, our cost to care for the 20 children in each partnership is higher, and we need individuals like you to join us in supporting the wholistic care of each child. Every $20 you give monthly, helps support the care of one child for that month.


Choose a Church to Sponsor

Baptist Church of the Fraternity

Baptiste Eglise de la Fraternite (Baptist Church of the Fraternity), has a school on the church property for a kindergarten through 12th grade with more than 300 and students. Roughly 75% of the children receive full scholarships. The church also holds a free medical clinic each week that is funded by the church body. The surrounding neighborhoods are home to numerous orphans and vulnerable children that would greatly benefit from the OB see program and outreach from the church.

New Jerusalem Church

Eglise Nouvelle Jerusalem (New Jerusalem Church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, has approximately 6000 members. The church also houses a school of 600 children in kindergarten through primary school (6th grade). The church has a heart for reaching out to children who have lost their parents. Eglise Nouvelle Jerusalem seeks to both place these children in loving families and to empower the church congregation to serve and care for those families, as a picture of the Gospel.

Church of God of the Bible

Eglise de Dieu de la Bible (Church of God of the Bible) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti was founded in 1980, and Pastor Thony has been the pastor since 1995. They have about 580 adult members and over 150 children. The church runs a school and provides scholarships for the students. The school educates 150 children, 75 of which are orphans.